Reader: Does Tim Tebow retablo exploit faith for profit?

Yes, the town seems ready to canonize Tim Tebow -- but is it too early to dedicate a santera to the Broncos quarterback?

Artist Catherine Robles Shaw makes retablos, plaques depicting the saints that are hand-carved and painted in a folk style that's been handed down over hundreds of years in northern New Mexico and Colorado's San Luis Valley.

But style is the only thing that's traditional about her latest piece. Style, and the position of the subject. Because this santera is titled "The Tebowing Retablo." Style.

And some critics think it's a fumble.

Says Rjmiera:

I like and have alot of respect for Catherine Robles Shaw and what she has accomplished over the years. My conundrum is in how to explain or understand what she is has done with this piece. Is she exploiting Tebow's faith for profit? or is she naively just having fun with the current Tebow mania? It's hard to say. When you are a Santero you paint images of the sacred and divine, Like katherine has so successfully done. But in our contemporary world, when you mix sacred iconography you can be causing yourself more harm than good. You leave yourself open to many wrong interpertations, no matter what your intentions may be. Katherine is not the first local artist to feature Tebow in a "divine" manner. I am sure that with the growth of Tebow mania there will be others also hoping to "cash" in. I won't be surprised it there isn't some gallery owner already looking into doing just a show .

Where will Tebow show up next? Post your thoughts below.

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Santero/as are also artist and reporters of the contemporary climate. Tebow is a evanglical trying to lead a very clean pure life. However he was also lifted to a God like status when he won

six games in a row. Cathy was doing nothing more than interpreting the time. I have painted two Guadalupes with Tebow as the angel.

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