Tonight: The PBR Touring Pro Finale brings you 1,800 pounds of bull!

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The rodeo opens up tonight. Do it right or get off the horse.
Tickets for tonight's PBR Bull Riding event at the Denver Coliseum are around $38 as of this writing -- the $15'ers have sold out -- but if you're looking for competitive rodeo, or just an excuse to wear the Western shirt you got for Christmas, tonight's the night!

As Jenn Wohletz writes in this week's edition of Westword, there's a $50,000 prize that will go to one of 90 cowboys from around the world who are in the Mile High City this week for the Professional Bull Riding Touring Pro Finale.

It all begins at 7 p.m. tonight with the finals coming on Wednesday. It's a safe bet there won't be any gay jokes this year after last year's Brokeback flap.

Also see: "People of the Rodeo photos from 2011."

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Denver Coliseum

4600 Humboldt St., Denver, CO

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