Reader: The longer we whine, the longer people consider Denver a cowtown

Britt Chester
The Terminal Kings project is painting the town -- or at least some massive murals destined for Denver International Airport -- this week, with City Hall, 1144 Broadway, turned into a massive gallery through January 21. The fact that the three lead artists, all billed as "world-class," are from out of town has inspired a royal row over Terminal Kings -- and a lively response.

Says Left Blank:

Boo hoo! Denver is getting some awesome artists in town to prove that we are a worthy of the best art in the world. Let's all whine about how all our city's commissioned artwork goes to out-of-towners! Except for the fact that 60% of the commissions in the last ten years have gone to locals. Grow up. We are an international city. The longer we do the region-centric whining act, the longer people write us off as a cow town.

No matter where the artists are from, this weekend the action will be at City Hall, which will be filled with concerts and other gatherings -- as well as the Terminal Kings themselves, who will continue to work on their murals through January 21. Find a complete schedule at

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