Reader: Carmen Tisch needs to come clean in the Clyfford Still vandalism case

carmen tisch mug shot.jpg
Carmen Tisch, accused of vandalizing a $30 million Clyfford Still painting on December 29 -- she reportedly scratched it, slid down it and urinated by it -- was in Denver County Court on Friday, January 6, to hear the charges against her.

Her family says Tisch has alcohol problems.

Ya think?

Tisch, who has a prior conviction for driving under the influence in 2008, is scheduled for another court appearance -- this time on a preliminary hearing -- on January 23.

In the meantime, readers are weighing in with their own sentences.

Says Adam:

I think her punishment should be a shower. She looks long overdue for one.

Unlike this sorry story, some pranks turn art vandalism into vandalism as art. See Melanie Asmar's list of four far more humorous cases here.

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