Lisa Law flashes on the Sixties tonight at the Byers-Evans House Gallery
Lisa Law posing with "Dennis Hopper with his gun, SF, NM 2009," Pilar Law.

Photographer Lisa Law didn't just take pictures of the young Bob Dylan. She was also his cook and masseuse, and she hung out with him in L.A. when he roomed in the "Castle" where she then also lived. Her personal involvement with the artists she shot is the real legacy of her life's work; Denver will have the opportunity to peek into Lisa's world, a place peopled with icons of the Sixties and beyond, when the small yet intensive exhibit Lisa Law: Flashing on the Sixties opens tonight at the Byers-Evans House Gallery.

Not only is the show a vivid history lesson of another time and place, but it also acts as a distant satellite companion to the current West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America, 1965-1977 exhibition at MCA Denver.

Law will be in town for the opening reception, which includes an artist talk and book signing, but she shared a few insights with us ahead of time. A preview follows; Flashing on the Sixties continues through the end of February.

"Dennis Hopper with his gun, SF, NM, 2009." See above.

Law knew Dennis Hopper throughout his career, and she posed for us next to one of the last photos she ever took of him, in her house in New Mexico. The gun, which is part of the exhibit, is the same one he held in the photo. It was used on the cover of THE Magazine in Santa Fe. "We were worried about whether or not it was appropriate to use a photo of him holding the gun," Law recalls. "So we called his estranged wife, Victoria, for advice. She said, 'That's Dennis! Of course you should use it,' so we did."

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