Reader: Has Phil Bender faced the future by putting up a Facebook page?

Artists Jerry Simpson and Phil Bender -- or is it? -- in a Facebook photo
Phil Bender was a famous artist long before he won the Mayor's Award for Excellence in the Arts this fall -- even if he was the one who hung himself with the "Famous Artist" tag.

So is it possible that the Piratical, tech-phobic Bender put up the Phill Bender Facebook page that suddenly appeared on January 12 as a work of art? Or is there a fake (and misspelled) Phil out there? It's a masterpiece of a mystery.
Says Katie:

I think it's better if it stays a weird mystery, like the Tooth Fairy.

Says Lauri Lynnxe Murphy:

Even though I spoke to him last week and he assured me he had nothing to do with it, I'm not fully convinced he didn't engineer this in some way. We are, after all, talking about a guy who used to have "Famous Artist" emblazoned on his business cards. He is eating this up with gravy on top! Gotta love that Phil.

By the way, the Phill misspelling has been fixed -- by the real Bender? Or an imposter? Or the Tooth Fairy? Join the Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook!" target="_blank">conversation already under way here.

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