Reader: You wouldn't dare write about Jews or Muslims the way you did about Mormons

Hundreds of fans lined up to buy The Book of Mormon tickets on Sunday, since the musical written by hometown heroes Trey Parker and Matt Stone will start its road tour here in Denver next August.

For those who managed to snag seats, Jenn Wohletz, who spent several years in Utah, offered up the "Five things you need to know about Mormons."

Same old -- and inaccurate -- song, readers protested.

Writes Kgunderson:

Wow. I don't know where to start on the exaggerations and inaccuracies in this post. This is pretty offensive, I can't imagine the author would dare to write an article with this tone about Jews or Muslims.

Wohletz wasn't the first author to dare this -- and given the popularity of The Book of Mormon, she won't be the last. Read Pete Kotz's "Mormons: A shallow yet helpful guide to see if you should hate them or not" -- as well as the 500-plus comments it inspired.

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