Terminal Kings street art murals: a sneak peek

Photo by Britt Chester

Terminal Kings, a new art project commissioned by the Denver International Airport's Art and Culture Program, is taking off this week, as world-class street artists Sam Flores, David Choe and Highraff work on giant murals -- each 100'x8', painted in panels -- that will be used as construction barricades at DIA over the next five years as the South Terminal expansion progresses. The artists gathered at City Hall Amphitheater last night to continue working on the murals; their creation will be accompanied by ten days and nights of art, music and performance starting on January 12.

Here's a look at the start of the art:

Photo by Britt Chester
Sam Flores, one of the featured Terminal Kings artists, works closely on the details of his first mural. "The whole piece is going to be along the idea of having yourself, your thoughts, your own imagination and your own person just lifting you to wherever you want to go," he says.

Photo by Britt Chester
Empty spray-paint cans pepper the floor of the City Hall amphitheater as the artists continue to work late into the night.

Photo by Britt Chester
A small digital camera catches Flores's piece for a time lapse. A documentary of the creation will be on display at DIA, along with all of the art.

Photo by Britt Chester
Following the Terminal Kings project, Flores will work on some pieces with Icelantic, the Denver-based ski company.

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City Hall

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