Ten things to do for $10 this weekend, January 6-8, 2012

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Kill holiday burn-out this weekend and save that found-money you've got after returning those knock-off electronics. Simply take these ten suggestions for weekend entertainment, all of which will cost you a Hamilton or less. And for our full guide to what's-going-on-Denver, simply peruse the Westword calendar.

Lightlooms at the hi-dive (Friday)
One of the featured bands in this week's print edition of Westword, Lightlooms plays its EP-release show on Friday night at the hi-dive on South Broadway for just $6. Tom Murphy has more details on Lightlooms's show.

The Watching Hour: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion at the Denver Film Center (Friday & Saturday)
"This is a great vehicle for Mira Sorvino's and Lisa Kudrow's chemistry," says FilmCenter programming director Keith Garcia, adding that the flick should be a part of the "cult-film canon." See if you agree with Garcia, either Friday or Saturday night at the FilmCenter on Colfax. Tickets are between $5 and $7. Bree Davies has more details on Romy and Michele.

Lisa Law: Flashing on the Sixties at the Byers-Evans House Museum (Opens Friday)
Photographer Lisa Law is the real deal, a hippie from the Sixties who's still flying the freak flag down in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she now resides. Law's iconic images are now the subject of Lisa Law: Flashing on the Sixties, a new exhibit opening Friday night at the Byers-Evans House Gallery. And just like love, the admission is free, man. Susan Froyd has more details on Lisa Law's show.

T. Rex Encounter at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Last day is Sunday)
Sunday is the final day you can check out the T. Rex Encounter (you've seen the "Meet Sue" billboards by now, right?) at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Tickets for "students" are $6 and it's $12 for adults, so this toes the 10-for-$10 eligibility line. Still though, dig up (ha!) the extra $2 and check out this exhibit before it lumbers out of town.

Places, everyone!
Places at Marquis Theater (Saturday)
The subject of this week's music feature in Westword, Places releases its CD Saturday at the Marquis. Tickets are between $8 and $10. A.H. Goldstein has this interview with Denver's Places and all the details on the show.

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