Terminal Kings: final countdown to completion

The art installation at City Hall is coming to a close this weekend, and it will end with a display of some serious talent. Following Tuesday night's free Sub.Mission dubstep show with Denver residents RumbleJunkie, Despise, Dodger and Coult-45, in its final days Terminal Kings will show just what these artists can do under pressure. Click through to see some of the finished pieces, as well as the murals that are still in the works.

Photo by Britt Chester
Photo by Britt Chester
One of the panels lining the walls as you enter the venue.

Photo by Britt Chester
The first of four finished pieces by Ciro and Dread depicting the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Photo by Britt Chester
One of several of David Choe's finished female portraits.

Photo by Britt Chester
A finished collaboration that sits on the main floor in the amphitheater.

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City Hall

1144 Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Music

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