Reader: Films made in Colorado are an endangered species

John Wayne in 1969's True Grit, which was filmed in Colorado.
Today legislators will consider a measure that would provide an economic incentive for filmmakers to work in Colorado -- a rarity these days, as detailed in "The Reel West." But a century ago, there was a booming film business in this state, which got its start with an 1897 flick called Festival of Mountain and Plain.

We offered up some of the other movies filmed in Colorado here. But we missed one, says Mike:

I think part of the 1982 film "Endangered Species" with Robert Urich and Jo Beth Williams was filmed at the old Great Western sugar mill in east Longmont, CO (in the tall silo section of the plant).
Endangered Species -- a cattle-mutiliation conspiracy flick -- wasn't a great film, but at least Colorado had a starring role. What are your favorite scenes filmed in this state? And what movies do you wish were made here?

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