Readers: John Waters, what's with the stache? And the serial killers?

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John Waters is the guy who came in from the cult. In advance of his visit to Denver next month -- for an event aptly titled An Evening With John Waters -- we've been wondering what questions to ask him about his formidable movie career. So we asked readers to contribute some ideas.

From Diamond Dave:

The pencil 'stache. Inspired by.....????

From jtcolfax
Have any of the latter day, post Manson, serial killers held your interest at all?

And Dana Cain asks:

Are you familiar with Denver's trashiest hot spots, and are you planning
to visit any of them? Do you typically visit a city's thrift stores, or art galleries, or ???

Do you have a question for John Waters? Or a suggestion for what he should see while in town next month? Post it below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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