"Joey Terrofyn" McDougal talks Lucha Libre and Primos wrestling

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Primos Hardcore & Wrestling has spent the better half of a decade making a name for itself as a premiere independent promotor and cultivator of extreme wrestling entertainment in Colorado. Tonight, Primos expands it's no-holds-barred throwdowns with REVoLUCHA, its own addition to the international Lucha Libre fight circuit.

In advance of this evening's inaugural sequin-masked matches, Westword spoke with Primos owner, founder and wrestler, Joe "Joey Terrofyn" McDougal about this new direction, and his own impending extensive Lucha training in Mexico.

Westword: Can you tell us a little about who you are and how you came into wrestling?

Joe "Joey Terrofyn" McDougal: I'm thirty years old and I've been involved with wrestling in Colorado for what will be twelve years in May. I've kinda been around for a long time in the scene, and I've wrestled for every federation that has come through this state. I've wrestled all over the country in my 12 years. I've never had, up to this point, the opportunity to go abroad. In fact, I've never even been to Mexico. So I'm really excited to go to Mexico City to train.

I came from being an independent wrestler, working in traditional gyms -- one of the guys that is independently contracted. There would be a gym, and traditionally you'd work out the two to three days a week that you're required to be there. You train -- if you were really good, at the very least -- for six months before you were able to compete. More often, on average, you train for at least a year before you're able to compete in actual matches. Those would be scrimmage-type matches at practice, but not in shows, per say.

I've come from being an independent wrestler to also being a company owner (of Primos Hardcore & Wrestling). I also run my own gym, Primo's Butcher Shop, in Commerce City. Luche Libre training happens at the Butcher Shop, and wrestling, and we also have several guys that do crossover training between boxing and martial arts. There's a lot of different athletes at the gym.

Why and when did you start Primos Hardcore & Wrestling?

I started Primos in September of 2007. Initially, I felt that there was a niche for wrestling with Juggalos. ICP runs their own wrestling and a lot of juggalos -- not all -- but a lot of juggalos like wrestling. So, originally, Primos Hardcore & Wrestling was just supposed to be a crossover, to try and pull from that demographic. I thought that was a really good demographic -- just not a sound business plan. They (Juggalos) are inconsistent. They'll be there at some shows, and not others. I kinda had to make Primos grow up.

We're really leaning towards family entertainment now. There are a few Juggalos in the crowd, but it's not at all our target demographic anymore. There may be one segment that would be targeted to them, out of maybe ten (matches) the whole night. We've become a broader type of entertainment and we still include music acts. It was one of the things that helped, initially, but the original recipe was supposed to be music acts and Juggalo wrestling. I thought that would draw, and in theory it did at first; it just wasn't a sound, long-term plan.

It makes sense, though. The ICP fan base in Colorado is huge, so why not direct these people to another form of entertainment?

It does work, and it's a good avenue. It's just not the main trick up my sleeve anymore. Initially, it was the reason why we had trouble, I could gain Primos as much credibility as I wanted -- literally, I had Violent J from ICP in my ring, wrestling a match with me. And this brings you some credibility, but we're still not ICP, so not everybody saw that or even heard about that it.

To me, I'm not going to put all my eggs in one basket to just be secondary. I don't mind trying to dip into that demographic; it as just a dead end road, in my opinion. In a different scenario, I could get a job with their (ICP's) wrestling company, but that's not what I'm looking to do. I'm looking to develop Primos.

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