"Joey Terrofyn" McDougal talks Lucha Libre and Primos wrestling

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Why and how did you decide to take on Lucha Libre with Primos and what are your goals for training in Mexico?

In doing Lucha Libre, the ceiling is a lot higher. I mean, I still have to build credibility amongst the Hispanic crowd. Right now, I'm a white, green belt Luche Libre, but I have all the authentic talent (in the Lucha community) that have my back on this. So ultimately, in the long term, I believe the feeling that REVoLUCHA will be huge.

I started Primo's in 2007 -- I was 25 or 26 at the time and basically, I stopped focusing on myself and my own goals as a wrestler. But now, I've accomplished most of my goals, like wresting for JCW, which is ICP's league. And I've wrestled a lot of famous wrestlers -- Mick Foley, Jerry Lynn -- and this and that. I've done a lot of those goals, so I stepped back and really focused one-hundred percent on Primo's for the last 5 years. Trying to build that, I became secondary. Of course I'm part of the product, but I'm not totally throwing myself on the back burner. This has been a dream of mine, to go to Mexico in particular.

(With this training in Mexico) I'll be gaining credibility and building a fan base and creating relationships that will help Primo's in the long run. I've been in contact with several different federations in Mexico City, and we're planning to do an "invasion"- type angle. It will be (a Mexican Lucha Libre) league vs. Primos. I'll fly in their guys, and we'll wrestle each other, and they'll fly in our guys and we'll wrestle against each other in both cities. When you do something like that, you have chances to do things like Pay-Per-View fights, DVDs and big shows on an international level.

Where are you training in Mexico City?

I've got a federation that I'm going through that is loosely affiliated with Primos Butcher Shop, Arena Azteca Budokan. It's run by a famous family of Luchadores, The Moreno family, in Mexico.They own the Azteca arena and training place where I'll have an apartment, literally, right across the street. We're just going to train everyday. I'll be working with a famous Luchadore wrestler and trainer over there named Oriental. I've flown him in for our Lucha Libre shows, and we fly a lot of the Lucha talent in through him.

For the last few months, a wrestler from Mexico City named Muerta Bucanera, has training with me at the Butcher Shop. He works for a company down there called DTU, which translated means Total Disaster Ultra Violence. I'll be working with him, as well as through other wrestlers that I've booked here (in Colorado) and I'll be doing, like, a little mini-tour. I'm going to be really busy when I'm in Mexico City.

How long are you training in Mexico City for?

I'm leaving February 7th, with a one-way ticket booked. I'm going to be there for at least two months, but no longer than three; I have obligations back home. I don't want to leave my company for too long. And, my wife and I have birthdays close to each other, so I told her I would be back.

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