Reader: Corey Elbin leaves big shoes to fill at the Mercury

The Mercury Cafe has been a community gathering place for decades.
Corey Elbin's departure from Denver is a real loss for this city's cultural scene. He's been the driving force behind Gorinto, the Mercury Cafe's Wednesday night food and music gathering, since it was introduced almost two years ago. He's grown the event into a real all-ages community affair.

But now he's off to grow something else: He's moving to Ohio for an agricultural internship on a family-owned farm.

Says Kristy:

We will really miss Cory. He also helped organize charity events for our local soccer team. He's a caring and passionate person. Big shoes to fill over at the Merc and in the local music scene!

Who can step into those shoes?

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Mercury Cafe

2199 California St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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