Follow the slow decay of Viviane le Courtois's earthborn artworks at BMoCA

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mca website.jpg
Chaussures (126 pairs): Installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, 2010 (in Energy Effects: Art and Artifacts from the Landscape of Glorious Excess -- in conjunction with the Biennial of the Americas).

venus of consumption web.jpg
Venus of Consumption: Crochet, silicone, stuffing, 2010.

20- Viviane Le Courtois how to eat an artichoke interactive installation.1.jpg
viviane 025.1.jpg

How to Eat an Artichoke?: Interactive installation with beetle kill pine, ceramic, sumac branches, yucca, artichokes, vinaigrette, mulberry paper.
During and after interaction with the public. RedLine Denver, Colorado, 2010
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