Was Buffalo Bill America's first comic book superhero?

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That's right, he's standing on the back of a running buffalo while shooting at Native Americans.
The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave unveiled its new exhibit, Buffalo Bill Superhero, yesterday on Lookout Mountain. The character of Buffalo Bill (born William F. Cody) graced the cover of almost 2,000 dime novels more than a century ago, making him America's first comic-book hero -- and paving the way for Batman and Superman. But Buffalo Bill was a real man, too, and at one point the most famous man in the world.

For images of Buffalo Bill fighting a wolfpack while using a live wolf as a weapon, surfing on a log down a log flume, or standing the back of a buffalo while shooting a rifle at an attacking group of Indians, as well as many other fantastic situations, see the covers below.

These covers were provided by provided by Steve Friesen, director of the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, where you can see many more items documenting Cody's career and exploits: some real, some fictional, and all the stuff of America's first superhero.

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Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum

987 1/2 Lookout Mountain, Golden, CO

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