Reader: Get a grip, dude. Feminism is for everybody!

women's health.jpg
courtesy Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains
Scene from Monday's Rally to Protect Women's Health.
Feminism isn't a ladies-only club, Bree Davies pronounced yesterday. Feminism is for everybody.

Including two very supportive male friends: one of whom attended the Rally to Protect Women's Health at the Capitol Monday, both of whom earned a shout-out in her piece.

As for that clueless fellow who told Bree that she should move to another country if she wanted to see what it was "really like to have it hard as a woman," Sees62 says:

Unbelievable! It's like a black man worshiping the apartheid regime that ran South Africa. Get a grip dude. Go read A Voice for Men.

Have you hugged your male feminist friend today? Read Bree's piece here, and learn more about the Rally to Protect Women's Health here.

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