Denver's eleven best roller derby nicknames

shelby churass.jpg
Jay Vollmar
Shelby Churass, in the back with a "C" written on her arm.
6. Shelby Churass, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Say it out loud. Scared? We thought so.

newton's lawless.jpg
Jay Vollmar
Newton's Lawless, in red in the middle.
5. Newton's Lawless, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, bitches!

ovarian barbarian.jpg
Pikes Peak Derby Dames
4. Ovarian Barbarian, Pikes Peak Derby Dames
You know what would have made Conan the Barbarian even more awesome? Ovaries. Which is why the Ovarian Barbarian would kick Conan's ass any day of the week.

scar trek.jpg
Scar Trek Facebook Page
3. Scar Trek, High City Derby Divas
Correct us if we're wrong, but Star Trek references are nerdier than references to Star Wars, Toy Story and Harry Potter. Combined. Add in a nod to The Lion King -- Scar, the evil uncle lion? Anyone? -- and you've got derby nickname gold.

Georgia O'Grief.jpg
10th Mtn Dolls
2. Georgia O'Grief, 10th Mountain Roller Dolls
Good grief! What a name! Georgia's derby moniker combines ass kicking with a reference to a kick-ass female artist known for painting flowers that some say (intentionally or unintentionally) resemble ladies' ha-has. It's almost too much awesomeness to contemplate. Bravo, Georgia O'Grief. Bravo.

boo boo radley.jpg
Jon Becker
1. Boo Boo Radley, Denver Roller Dolls
Of all the pop culture references in all the world, nods to To Kill A Mockingbird, the best tenth-grade required reading ever, are at the top of our list. Plus, the word "boo-boo" makes us giggle. It's an adorable way to say, "Get out of my way or I'll beat your ass."

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Ian StClair
Ian StClair

Wendy Boughbreaks... A Glass City roller claimed it though.

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