Terri Bell, Mark Sink present Chance: A Photography Show

flight by ellen yeiser.jpg
"Flight" by Ellen Yeiser. Image courtesy tbellphotographic
Tonight, photographer Terri Bell opens her tbellphotographic studio & gallery up to a group of seventeen Colorado artists she met, quite by chance, after issuing an open call and inviting Mark Sink to serve as juror for a show celebrating "the art of being in the right place at the right time" and conveying "spontaneous and impromptu photographic captures, either through subject matter or experimentation with photographic media."

Chance tbellphotographic.jpg
The show -- which opens tonight at 6 p.m. and runs through March 18 at her space at 900 Santa Fe Drive, Studio A -- includes work by George Beggs, Becky Chapman, Deborah Davis, Elizabeth Dillinger, J. Gluckstern, Jessica Hilvitz, Maria Lawson, Matt Lewis, Eli Lichtenstein, Lynna McKay, Francisca Morgan, John Schoenwalter, Lynne Scholfield, Alex Martin Scribbins, Alexanda Sheremet, Bengamin Smith, and Ellen Yeiser.

We had a chance to catch up with Bell for more on the show and a sneak preview of Chance.

Westword: I understand your studio primarily showcases your own work throughout the rest of the year. Can you tell me a little bit open the decision to put this particular show of other photographers' work together?

Terri Bell: This is the third open-entry show that I've done in my studio since I started doing these a year ago, and the first show was actually in conjunction with Mark Sink's MOP, Month of Photography, which was so much fun I wanted to continue with the idea beyond just that month. It's been a really great experience having these open call shows because it gives a lot of artists exposure for their work and it also turns me on to a lot of artists, it brings in entries from all over the country, it's a really great way to celebrate photography. I was really honored this time to work with Mark Sink on this show: He's the juror, and that's an exciting part of the show for me, to be able to present work that he has selected.

home fires burning by j gluckstern.jpg
"Home Fires Burning" by J. Glucksten, image courtesy tbellphotographic

Westword: Why this theme of "chance"? Is there anything that -- perhaps by chance -- ties the disparate works in the show together?

Bell: Mark works a lot in very experimental processes and is known for his work with toy cameras and collodion wet plate photography which, by nature, is a chance-y process, and he seemed really into the idea of chance as a theme. We wanted to focus on chance not only with the actual exposure of the photograph - being in the right place at the right time - but also to look at work that explored experimental processes. We've ended up with a show that exhibits all kinds of chance, spontaneity, and experimentation in photography.

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