Mona Lucero dishes on YSL and the magic of haute couture

What goes through your mind as you get a closer look at these garments and ensembles?

YSL is at the height of fashion world. To see couture at this level -- it's like I'm looking at heaven and asking, 'What did this God say?' and then realizing 'Okay, so God does things a lot like I do.' I look at how they hand-stitch details or how they put up a hem -- it's similar to what I do, but they might take extra steps that most people don't take. The sewers are obviously the absolute best, the draping is the best. What they do raises it up to an art form. It has soul and spirit -- it's not just thrown together.

Designers are like magicians, but the reason is not because of magic: it happens because they take their little hands and work their asses off to make it happen. It's actually about thread and fabric and amazing craft people putting their skills to work.


What makes your favorites favorites?

I didn't choose any of the big ball gowns. I like the more simple cuts, and I love the stuff inspired by art. Many of these outfits were worn only on the runway, and lot of it is wearable, but it's also pure fantasy. I don't live that lifestyle, but I began to think, 'Whoa, people live this way.'

It was hard to come up with just five, so I came up with eight, instead. If I could have any of these pieces -- that's what I chose.

Mona Lucero

The black dress with red sequin lips. It might be inspired by Dali.

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