Mona Lucero dishes on YSL and the magic of haute couture

Then, there are a few simple ones that I absolutely love:


One fairly famous one is the lace-up safari jacket from 1968. It has a big belt made with big circle loops. (Editor's note: Famous because it was modeled by the striking six-foot-tall model Verushka)

Mona Lucero
This one, when first saw it, I said, 'Omigod, I would just totally wear this. It's a little black toreador jacket with a Nehru collar, worn with a white blouse, black a-line skirt and a big, fat black belt.

Courtesy Mona Lucero.
The last one -- well, if someone said I could only have one piece in the whole show, it would be the Mondrian dress. Just to be near it -- that was good enough.

Yves Saint Laurent: A Retrospective opens Sunday, March 25, at the Denver Art Museum, and continues through July 7. Go to the YSL Denver website. for details.

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