Accessories transform outfits from mundane to exciting

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As April blooms, the occasional snow reminds us that it's Colorado; we view a daring array of fashion hitting the sidewalks. Some of the latest and greatest combinations are being sported by elegant individuals in the city of Denver. This week, accessories are what made the outfit. Be it smokey neutrals or eye-poping pastels, accessories in spring are the cat's meow, and hiss as well.


Name: Evan Hyndman

Spotted at: 16th and Welton

Profession: Bank teller

Favorite Film: Top Gun

iPod Favorites: My favorite bands are Minus the Bear, Broken Social Scene and Bless The Fall.

Style icons/ inspirations: New York City, especially Brooklyn and Manhattan. I love the East Coast's sense of style, but Denver is getting there. It's starting to stray away from the loose-fitting clothes and plaid prints.

Favorite accessory: Shoes and necklaces.

Style mantra: Being an individual is key, and being proud of yourself, having confidence. Not wondering or caring if others think you look silly.

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