Reader: Paglia's History Colorado review was an advertorial for David Tryba

Michael Paglia loves the new History Colorado building -- but the exhibits inside it, not so much. And yesterday, as a followup to his original review of the place, he suggested "Ten shows the History Colorado Center should have opened with."

Says Dana:

These are brilliant ideas!!!! Love 'em!!! Hopefully, their curators are reading this and taking notes. :)

But others are not fans of Paglia's original piece. Writes Karen:

Yikes, is this a marketing promo for David Tryba or what? Who paid Paglia to write this? It's so sappy and sweet, filled with superlatives, that it can't be taken seriously. Too bad. Next time try to write a real critique, Westword, not a advertorial.

History Colorado opens officially tomorrow -- but it's been hosting many receptions and open houses over the past few days. Have you seen the museum? What do you think of the architecture? The exhibits? Post your comments below.

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