Dress every day like you're going to see your worst enemy

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It could be a holdover from Earth Day -- or even 4/20. This week we spotted many people on the street sporting the color green. But more savvy fashionistas looked to film or music for inspiration.

Name: Violet Kayaga
Spotted at: Auraria campus
Profession: I want to be an elementary school teacher one day, but I'm a Human Development major right now. I'll be a junior in the fall.
Favorite film: Smokin' Aces
iPod favorites: Albums Brothers, by the Black Keys, and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, by Lauryn Hill
Style inspirations/icons: This female editor of a men's fashion magazine. She wears suits and plays with gender roles, but she manages to make the suits look girly and fun. I appreciate Rihanna's style, too.
Favorite accessory: Bracelets are fun and noisy. I love big flashy earrings, too.
Favorite colors: Seafoam and coral
Style mantra: My aunt says, "Dress every day like you're going to see your worst enemy." I love that saying and always try to keep that in mind while getting ready.

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