Ten shows the History Colorado Center should have opened with

Mountain Time Mid-Century Modern

From Red Rocks Amphitheatre to the Air Force Academy Chapel to Arapahoe Acres, to the "Sleeper" house, some of Colorado's most famous landmarks are mid-Century modern. There are the triumphs and tragedies -- the lost Zeckendorf Plaza, for example -- from this highly regarded era. Kids will squeal with delight as they work their way through a half-scale model of a futuristic house, while their older siblings will be Tweeting their hearts out about this Mad Men-like extravaganza.

Mattachine to Mainstream: Gay in Colorado

By the 1930s, Capitol Hill was already known as a center of gay life in the region, and its population of gays and lesbians swelled in the late 1940s with the recently-discharged service members after World War II. In 1959, the Mattachine Society, an early gay-rights group held its national convention in Denver. The officers of the Denver chapter, notably artist Elver Barker decided to hold the first ever press conference and in turn the Mattachine Society was fairly treated in the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News. But a few weeks later, Denver police raided the homes of members, and many of their lives were ruined. But the issues continue today as domestic partnership legislation rumbles through the state house. It's been a wild ride.

Lowriders and High Profiles: Chicanos and Post-Chicanos in Colorado

Beginning in the earliest years of settlement, Hispanics have played a big role in Colorado's history -- even when it was part of Mexico! There are the adobes of the southern part of the state -- notably the remarkable Italianate Baca House in Trinidad -- the penitents, Cesar Chavez, Mayor Pena and the Mexican hamburger, arts, crafts, language and everything else. Even Denver International Airport's "Mustang" is part of the story. Especially fun for the kids is the trio of painted up low-riders in the atrium with performances of their special features going on several times a day.

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