Ten shows the History Colorado Center should have opened with

Colorado's Titanic: The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Molly Brown's life becomes the prism through which viewers are introduced to turn-of-the-century Denver, its people, its buildings, and its place in the American West. Of course, proper attention is given to her adventures on the Titanic, along with those of other locals who were on board, some of whom drowned. Tickets to the special panel discussion that will include Debbie Reynolds and Kathy Bates -- each of whom played the remarkable character in the movies -- are already sold out.

The Royal Gorge Bridge.
I guess I'd rather be in Colorado: A century and a half of tourism and recreation

Colorado's first tourist boom began with the railroads bringing people here from the East Coast and the Midwest. Some of the late 19th-century destinations -- many of which are still popular -- were the hot springs in Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs, along with commercialized natural features like the Royal Gorge Bridge, and the Cave of the Winds, and even the Pikes Peak Hill Climb that dates back to the very earliest days of automobile racing. Visitors also came to see places that were left unmolested, like the Garden of the Gods as well as nationally protected landscapes like Mesa Verde and the Great Sand Dunes. The show culminates with the establishment of the ski-towns which got off the ground in the 1930s and '40s and began to boom in the '60s.

Why do you think there's a U.S. Mint in Denver? The Rush for Gold and Silver

This show is about the role of mining in establishing the wealth of Colorado and in shaping its development. Denver owes its founding to the mining fortunes made and lost in the mountains, and this show would examine the miners and madams, the ministers and schoolmarms. The rebirth of mining towns as gambling ones provides a lot of irony as that success has overwhelmed their history. Bus tours to mining towns and a ride on the Georgetown Loop are just two of many events that could be tied to this blockbuster.

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