2012 Film on the Rocks schedule includes fan-favorite The Notebook, but no Big Lebowski

Update: Two corrections have been made: Tropic Thunder is now the only June 18 film, and viewers can vote on which film they'd like to see on July 16.

It's finally here.

The 2012 Film On the Rocks summer line-up at Red Rocks Amphitheatre was announced this evening, and many movies that made the cut were picked for the people, by the people. Though carefully curated by the Denver Film Center -- and led by FOTR Program Director Britta Erickson -- if the inclusion of a film like The Notebook rubs watchers the wrong way, look no further than the audience itself:

"It wasn't just because this seems to be the year of Ryan Gosling," says Karla Rodriguez, Audience Development and Social Media Manager for FOTR. "It's because The Notebook has been one of our top five most-requested films consistently since it came out. From crowd surveys to Facebook polls, this is what the people want."

Read more about tonight's announcement and see the full schedule below.

Rodriguez says that Office Space is another fan favorite, but the film was chosen partially out of a desire to introduce a new era of cult films that people who grew up in the '90s hold so dear.

"In this economy, I think Office Space has a lot of relevance; it speaks to being stuck in the 9-to-5 grind." Wayne's World -- another move that's become a favorite over the past fifteen years -- is in the same vein.

But what about The Big Lebowskis, Princess Brides and Top Guns of season's past?

"We rotate our guaranteed sell-out shows every year, but this time, we decided to let some new movies in," Rodriguez says. "People have already been calling the Film Center box office, asking to buy tickets to The Big Lebowski, assuming we're showing it."

She says the film will be back someday, but wanted movies like Bridesmaids to get a fair chance.

Another special incorporation FOTR takes great care in adding to the line-up is a concert film. Wanting to carry on with the audience participatory nature of last year's Talking Heads' concert documentary Stop Making Sense, the Beastie Boys' Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! was included for 2012.

"Other than an obvious nod to the loss of Adam Yauch this year, we wanted to give love to his work through Oscilloscope Laboratories (his film distribution company.)"

FOTR is still working on solidifying a charitable collaboration of this screening, as well as some yet-to-be-named special guest stars.

"It feels like I'm announcing the Broncos football schedule," Rodriguez says with a laugh. "But I think when we're dealing with two things people hold dear -- their favorite films and their favorite venue -- it's kind of like an ultimate sweet sixteen party."

The full 2012 Film on the Rocks schedule is on Page 2.

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Horrible line up. Not one family movie? Tax payers with kids also pay for Red Rocks. Really?


Wow color me disappointed.  Wayne's World is great but The Notebook?  No Lebowski?  BOOO this (wo)man!  Also Bill Hill = mental midget.    

Bill Hill
Bill Hill

No Big Lebowski...who is running things...give the others a chance?...as if movies were people...who is paying?...don't the movies serve us and not the other way around!!!!  The world has gone topsy-turvy...what kind of rationale is this give the other movies a chance..WTF...mkes me want to rant all day about anti-frackers.

Am I wrong here?  Has Obama's agenda of share the wealth made its way down to movie selection...socialism at its worst..."give a fair chance"...my God we might as well sell only non-fat Fig Newtons and we know how much they suck...or just let's ban smoking in bars...oh that has already happened...I am just saying why mess with a tradition..."hey kids let's go get a rose bush instead of a Christmas tree cause they deserve to be an icon for Jesus too." God let's talk fracking!!!!

Leanne Mathews83
Leanne Mathews83

Waynes World is gonna be epic, love Ancorman and the Notebook, already saw office space at FOTR, everything else is just eh..so stoked though!! I love FOTR!!

Bree Davies
Bree Davies

Film On The Rocks, Fracking. Same thing. 

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