Online dating for straight people: We're all just chasing the popcorn

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With gay dudes, there's no hidden agenda; If you wanna meet a bi twink (within eight hundred feet of you) who's DTF, you've got an app like Grindr. If you're into bears, leather men and, well, gays of more shapes and sizes who might want to hang as well as hook up, there's the Scruff app. Daddyhunt (or its companion app, Mister) lets you search for, uh, daddies, and Manhunt lets you search for anyone.

It's all laid out for you, and what's more, when talking about these websites within a real-life social circle, it's okay to say you met someone on Grindr. It's okay to acknowledge that you were looking for someone to do it with in your car on a Friday night. There is little shame, and if there is, it doesn't seem nearly as prominent as the fear that straights have simply admitting to online dating.

The straight people I know who have used online dating fall into one of two categories: Either they do it on the down-low, hardly, if ever, revealing it to a another person in real life -- or they do it obsessively and tell everyone. Tell everyone, as in blurt out "I went out with this guy I met on Match [you even give the website a nickname], went home, brushed my teeth, went on a date with another guy I met on Match," to a room full of co-workers who never asked to know. It's just like how alcoholics eventually stop calling booze by its name on the label and start ordering "wake up juice" or "the usual."

I'm not getting all hetero-presumptuous and saying meeting people on the internet is cake for the gay community. I'm talking about one segment of the GLBTQ population I interact with on a daily basis, and I am speaking strictly from an outside point of view. But what stands out to me is the openness. Sure, I know dudes whose iPhones go dead daily due to Grindr's heavy necessity for GPS eating up every last percentage of battery. But I also notice that when my gay dude friends happen to meet someone on one of these apps or websites, they talk about it. In real life.

Yes, they, too sometimes end up chasing the popcorn when they want to be making the popcorn. But they're definitely more honest with the popcorn.

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Great idea about the "chasing the popcorn" in online dating just because the people who are straight forward with others have the introvert personality (Shy and don't like the crowd much), so with these kind of people you got your worst date!!!!!

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