Ladies Fancywork Society members open Lowbrow on Broadway

Utilizing the "why not?" child-like optimism of the LFS street art, Seip and Welch conceived and executed the plan for Lowbrow within the span of a few months. "We started talking about this in February," says Seip. "We were like, let's get together and come up with ideas; and by that we meant: get together to bitch and drink."

These booze-and-bitch sessions yielded an idealistic gallery concept, where prices are kept low and the art world is democratically handed back to the people. "We want the art on the walls to be affordable; it doesn't have to be seen as an investment," Welch says. "We're going to have a cap on prices."

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For legal (and, you suspect, perhaps romantic) reasons, the heroines behind Ladies Fancywork Society's yarn-bombs have kept a low-profile throughout the years, using alias names in the press and often being photographed in disguise. Now that Welch and Seip have opened Lowbrow and are embracing what they call "indoor art," though, the time has come for these cotton-crusaders to remove their masks and embrace public life. "I don't want to be an anonymous store owner, so I'm going to out myself," says Welch. "We wanted to progress and try something new. We still have plans for street installations in the future."

Until those installations reveal themselves, you can check out some LFS art on display starting at 7 p.m. tomorrow, June 1, at the Lowbrow gallery, 250 Broadway Avenue, #100. And just outside Lowbrow, Pom Freet, a mobile French Fry eatery operated by Chef Ben Robbins, will make its debut. "It was a coincidence that we were opening at the same time," says Welch. "And he was like, 'Can I piggy-back your opening?' And we were like, 'Sure, can we piggy-back yours?'"

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Lowbrow Denver

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