Street Style: Crystals, positive energy and a less-is-more mentality

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As the season starts to swelter, street fashion takes a more easy-going, laid-back approach. Yet for these individuals, that doesn't mean compromising on style.

Take a gander at this week's subjects, who are creating their own looks.

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Name: Keelyn Ross

Spotted at: 15th and Arapahoe.

Profession: Admissions counselor.

Favorite film: Anything by Jean-Luc Godard. I really enjoyed his last film, Socialisme, which I saw at the Denver Film Center.

iPod favorites: I'm really into these two bands: Holy Other and Made in Heights.

Style inspirations/icons: 1960s fashion and steam-punk as well.

Favorite color: Smokey gray and pale blue.

Favorite accessory: Necklaces and pendants.

Style mantra: Less is more; keep it simple. I believe in minimalism, so if I wear a simple outfit I really play up the accessories.

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Take a look inside Keelyn's bag on page 2!

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