Street Style: "If you feel like a witch, then you should dress like a witch"

Categories: Fashion


Name: Devi Yorty

Spotted at: 19th and Lincoln

Profession: Attorney

Favorite film: Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters, from 1986

iPod favorites: Tycho's Sunrise Projector album and local DJ Greg Campbell's mix tape

Style inspirations/ icons: Faye Dunaway and Cate Blanchett

Favorite accessory: Bangles. I lived in India for a year and they make them small enough there to fit my wrist.

Favorite color: Blue

Style mantra: Sometimes people forget to get dressed before you start drinking, so dressing sober is key. Although there are plenty of blacks and grays in my wardrobe, as an attorney, I feel I should be allowed to have fun with style.


Style analysis: Denver has a wide and diverse aesthetics spectrum. Some people go for shock and awe, while others play it more subtle and conservative. Whether you're suiting up for a day at the office or preparing to cast a spell on the town, remember to dress before drinking. And to rock those black boots.

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