Ten items you'll need at Burning Man this year

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Britt Chester
Burning Man is hands-down the biggest celebration of life, art, music and culture that America has ever seen. The week-long event held in the days leading up to Labor Day in the Black Rock Desert -- roughly 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada -- will have approximately 50,000 people in attendance this year.

Every big player in the electronic, jam, bluegrass and dance scene will most likely be playing sets there -- or at least enjoying the company of friends and family. And at the Bazaar-B-Q held at Fusion Factory this past weekend in Denver, veterans of Burning Man and other creative individuals gathered to sell items that could be useful at the celebration. Here's a list of ten things you'll need to survive at the Burn':

Britt Chester
10. Colorful hats
Lisa Keipp designs toys, costumes and headwear for her business, Pink Turtle Creations. "Most likely, you'll see lots of colorful attire, but if I had to pick one thing, I'm sure this hat would fit in great," she says. We think so, too.

Britt Chester
9. Bikes
The most reasonable way to get around the desert is a bicycle. Attendees adorn their cycles in all kinds of swag, including ribbons, lights, fur and pretty much anything else you can attach.

Britt Chester
8. Fur outfits
Mercedes Gerow designs and creates outfits entirely made out of fur. "It's the desert, so it gets quite cold at night," she explains. "So after my first Burn, I realized that this is what can help." Gerow's work can be seen all over the desert, but until then you can view it at www.PlayaFur.com.

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Can people please stop saying "barter" in the context of Burning Man?? It's simply inaccurate, and completely misrepresents the nature of the "Gifting Economy". You're NOT expected to bring crafty trinkets to use as trade. You bring them because you WANT to, and you give for the joy of giving, receive for the joy of receiving, with no strings attached. There is no "bartering" going on at Burning Man, and if you go out there trying to conduct transactional exchanges, you will weird people out.

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