Vochol Art on Wheels exhibit rolls into DIA today

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Piedra Buena
With its accentuated curves and ability to look good in almost any color, the Volkswagen Beetle was made for customization. Until 2003, the Type1(the beloved and ubiquitous "vintage" model) bug had remained in production with few cosmetic changes for close to thirty years. Though the car has since seen a modern reinvention, the classic VW Beetle is still around, and it serves as the perfect blank canvas for Vochol Art on Wheels, a unique culture-crossing art exhibit opening in the terminal at Denver International Airport today.

In 2010, two Huichol families from the Sierra Madre mountains of west-central Mexico began the Vochol project, devoting 9,000 hours to adhering more than two million beads to a 1990 Volkswagen Beetle. Utilizing close to 200 pounds of glass beads, the Huichol artisans also incorporated resin, fabric, paint and yarn to bring the detailed work to life. From the steering wheel to the rims, geometric patterns surround imagery of man's relationship to the sun, and the spiritual importance of animals and crops in Huichol culture.

With just eight pairs of hands doing the work, the artisans meticulously applied their traditional crafting skills to the iconic automobile for seven months, and the resulting work of art is now making its way around the world, with the current stop in Denver.

Piedra Buena

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Zoe M
Zoe M

This isso freaking cool. Imagine how long it took to put all those beads on!!!!!

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