Vochol Art on Wheels exhibit rolls into DIA today

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Piedra Buena
After a dedication this afternoon at DIA, Vochol Art on Wheels will be on view at the airport through August 31. (It's in the main terminal, so you don't need to pass through security.)

The display represents a collaboration between the Mexican Cultural Institute, Mexico City's Museo de Arte Popular, the Association of Friends of the Museo de Arte Popular, and the Embassy of Mexico. "This exhibit itself is very unique, because it is the first vehicle that has been created that tells the story of the Huichol culture in Mexico," says Marcela de la Mar, director of education and cultural affairs for the Consulate General of Mexico, which will be at the dedication at 1 p.m. today. The name "Vochol" is a collaboration in itself: "Vocho," is a slang term in Mexico for the Volkswagen Beetle; the exhibit name combines that term with the work's Huichol creators.

Eventually, the Vochol will be auctioned off in New York, with proceeds going toward the work of more than eight million artisans native to Mexico. During its stay in Denver, the beaded Beetle will be accompanied by Vochol-inspired artwork by area students, de la Mar says.

For more information on the Vochol and the Huichol artist families, visit www.vocholdenver.

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Zoe M
Zoe M

This isso freaking cool. Imagine how long it took to put all those beads on!!!!!

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