Darren Bousman on blackmail, Zydrate and his new film, The Devil's Carnival

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Darren Bousman gets all the fun gigs. He directed Saw II, III and IV, the cult classic Repo! The Genetic Opera and his newest soon-to-be-cult-classic, The Dark Carnival. Has all this success turned him into an unapproachable ass-melon? Not even a little bit. We recently had a chance to talk with him about some pretty important topics -- like the "Saw III blackmail" rumor, fictional drug abuse, pimping out Paul Sorvino, and why Paris Hilton is not in the new movie.

Bousman was a good sport. Little does he realize that we were dead serious about the last question...

Westword: Since there are ravening hordes of Repo! The Genetic Opera fans here in Denver, I gotta go retro for a few questions or else I'll be beaten in the streets of Denver like a zombie-dog.... Is there any truth to the rumor that you had to blackmail Lionsgate by withholding your participation in additional "Saw" movies in order to get them to agree to distribute Repo?

Bousman: I will neither confirm nor deny the following statement! Well, kind of not really... It would not be a falsehood to say I strongly leaned on them to make this movie, and I might have used a little pressure of the Saw variety...

Westword: If Zydrate was a real drug, would you use it?

Bousman: I am already an addict!

Darren Bousman
Repo has been touted as being "the new Rocky Horror Picture Show" -- how do you feel about your movie being compared favorably with the greatest cult classic film of all time?

Not sure how to respond when people say things like that except, LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!!! It's an honor to even be mentioned in the same breath as Rocky... It was just an important film, and I am humbled to sit next to them on the DVD shelf.

Why is Terrance Zdunich so fucking awesome?

Is he? I kid, I kid... He's GraveRobber AND Lucifer, I am pretty sure that makes him a badass right?

I read somewhere that you had an opera diva cast before Sarah Brightman took the role and made it her bitch. Was it Celine Dion?

It was actually Todd Bridges from Different Strokes. That guy can hold a tune!!!

And, of course, the predictable biggie: Will you ever do a prequel or sequel to Repo?

Terrance Zdunich as GraveRobber in Repo.

Ahhh, now I am forced to get serious. I think all of us would LOVE TO, but the reality is, REPO! Is no longer ours. It's LGF's. It's up to them to come to us and request one. That being said, I am not holding my breath... Hence why Devil was born, and why we are spending so much energy on that. It's our new baby... and boy do we love her!

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