Street style: What's in your bag? Novels, sandwiches and more!

What's in the bag, Kat?
While many people laid out by the pool or devoured BBQ on Memorial Day weekend, wearing nothing more than a bathing suit or old T-shirt and shorts, true street fashion never takes time off.

For proof, look no further than these stylistic movers and shakers we found downtown over the holidays, who create their own looks every day of the week.


Name: Kat Salvaggio.

Spotted at: 17th and Curtis.

Profession: Art student at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

Favorite film: I love all of Wes Anderson's films, but I love The Royal Tenenbaums the most.

iPod favorites: Anything by the band Throbbing Gristle.

Style inspirations/ icons: Messing with the functionality of trash and class, mixing the two and playing with the norms.

Favorite color: Black because it's versatile. I wear at least one black item at all times.

Favorite accessory: Anything gold.

Style mantra: I need to be comfortable at all times.

Shops at: I mostly shop at second-hand stores. I like Safari Seconds, ARC, Goodwill and get things second-hand from friends. I avoid non-profit chain consignment stores.


Check out what's in Kat's purse on page 2!

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