Photos: Denver celebrates Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Mark_Sink_Tess863b pinhole.jpg
Mark Sink
If you noticed that Sunday's weather was particularly welcoming, you were not alone. But you probably didn't appreciate it quite as much as the fifty people wandering around the grounds of the Zang Mansion. For the first time, the sun smiled on Denver's celebration of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Although the film-friendly event extends back more than ten years, the Denver version, hosted by the Colorado Photographic Arts Center, had been blighted by clouds and cursed with long exposures for all four years of its history.

Until now.

Each of the photos below was taken using a pinhole camera -- basically the most primitive form of photography readily available. Devotees crafted their own cameras with the help of CPAC, creating the simple devices with only one aperture and no lens, filling them with photos snapped around the Zang Mansion and then developing the images themselves in a black room. Although pinhole cameras can be created from almost any container -- even soup cans -- the most common kind is typically a light-resistant cardboard box with a hole cut in the side. And from that came these experimental images.

"I think it's about discovery and the real magic of photography," CPAC executive director Rupert Jenkins says. "It's really hands-on, making your camera capture an image and then seeing that image come out of nothing. It's kind of a science project, photography and art combined -- but it's mostly discovery."

For complete coverage of the annual event, visit the official gallery, which includes almost 1,500 photos from 63 countries. But first, Denver's own:

alexis_clements_ph_1 pinhole.jpg
Alexis Clements
alexis_clements_ph_2 pinhole.jpg
Alexis Clements
Chris_James Pinhole 1.jpg
Chris James
Hector Villa_Window pinhole.jpg
Hector Villa
John Davenport pinhole.jpg
Lys Olson
John_Davenport_self portrait pinhole.jpg
John Davenport
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