Reader: Bill Nye and David Grinspoon are rock stars at sharing science

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A bow-tied Bill Nye the Science Guy joined other smarty-pants experts and climate scientists on the stage at the Boulder Theater this week for a lecture on "Climate Change on Earth and Other Planets."

And if the audience needed more than the smarty-pants on stage to convince them of changes to the climate, there was that distinct odor from the Flagstaff fire burning a few miles away. "The smoke in the room just adds another dimension," Nye said.

Says Tam:

This was an amazing group of scientists sharing their knowledge and insights with passion. As an audience member, I was completely engaged. Almost every one of the presenters distilled the information in a way that was accessible by the non-scientist, but they did it without speaking down to us. (Bill Nye and David Grinspoon are rockstars at this.) While I already had a decent understanding of the fundamentals of climate change, I definitely walked away from last evening with more.

Where there's smoke, there's ire! What do you think the fires say about climate change?

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