"Box Guy" Daniel Nilsson and stranger get boxed in for art

The man in the mirror.
"I'm trying to come to terms with living in the world as an artist," Jahner explains. "I think of this thing as a way to get in touch with my body, to do a challenge. Kind of my tagline has been, 'Drano for your existence.'"

And while Nilsson has previous experience with this kind of thing -- he lived alone in a box in the San Isabel National Forest for four days last year -- Jahner's closest point of reference is being cooped up in a van on tour with his various bands (he plays in Thee Goochi Boyz, The Manx and Pacific Pride). Can he make it through the week? "I have no idea," Jahner admits.

At pretty much that exact moment in our conversation, incidentally, Jahner and I were interrupted by a shirtless dude who asked if either of us had any weed, and then sat down on a pile of sand in the middle of the floor and blew up a beach toy and muttered to himself while the crowd looked on, a performance he concluded with the remarks, "Give me some weed; fuck you faggots." Ah, performance art.

Not long after, Nilsson and Jahner made the preparations for their box-journey, loading the structure up with several large containers of water and the implements they will use to pee and shit in.

Making preparations.
And then the crowd waved goodbye and the lid was hoisted shut -- it was actually a pretty interesting phenomenon, because after the goodbyes were said and the lid closed and the journey to the center of the mind set off upon, even though the party kept going and a few people even began cleaning the mirrors on the outside of the box -- nobody tried to interact with the two people inside it. It was as if they'd literally left.

The journey continues, for now. Nilsson and Jahner are scheduled to emerge from their self-imposed cocoon this coming Friday at 8:45 p.m. sharp, but we'll catch up with them before then and see how they're doing.

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