Cara a Cara: A Museo de las Americas photo preview

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The Museo de las Americas will be full of fresh faces tonight at its twentieth-anniversary celebration and mask exhibit, Cara a Cara. Before you go to the show, check out this preview of some of the colorful masks from the collection

All photos courtesy of the Museo de las Americas, and descriptions courtesy of Tessa Harvey.




These three masks are part of the Feldman Collection. They are from Mexico and made of coconut. They were made in the 20th century and are strictly decorative. Maruca [Salazar, Museo curator] says that they no long make masks like these anymore.


This is a devil mask and is one of the more contemporary pieces at Museo. It is made from paper mache by Miguel Caraballo in 1993. It would be used in a variety of dances in Puerto Rico.


This mask is part of the Mayer Collection and comes from 20th century Guatemala. It depicts a native of the Americas and would be used in the Dance of the Conquest.

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