Reader: Midnight Cowboy qualifies as true tragedy porn

Does Midnight Cowboy qualify as tragedy porn?
"Commercial media looks at things in terms of heroes and villains," Sapphire said before she came to town this week to tout to tout her new novel, The Kid (a semi-sequel to Precious -- the Hollywood adaptation of her '96 novel, Push). "And we all know that the psychological reality of people is much more complex than that."

And never more complex than in the five "tragedy porn" books and the films they inspired that Josiah Hesse listed in his "From Cujo to Precious" post.

But some readers weren't sure that all the books fit the tragedy-porn profile. Says atomicvixen65:

By your own definition Last Exit with its humorous element doesn't fit. Precious has a bit of a hopeful ending, and Cujo is totally over the top fantastic.

Requiem fits better I think although it does have some very dark humor elements. But I think the dark humor ads to the tragedy element. It's the nervous pause before the big smack. Cuz non-stop smacking just creates tolerance to the pain.

I was surprised to not see Midnight Cowboy or In Cold Blood. Native Son.

What other tragedy-porn books/films did we miss? See the original post here.

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