Visit the Denver Art Museum through the eyes of Instagram users

Instagram user Greg Daniels
If you're reading this, someone you know -- and probably you, too -- uses Instagram, the smartphone photo app that has approximately 1 gazillion users, was sold last month to Facebook for $1 billion and, most important, is the latest vehicle for everyone to take photos of themselves in the bathroom. With a vintage '70s filter.

When you search "Denver" on Statigram, the app's web-based viewer, a variety of tags come up -- denverbroncos, denverzoo, denverairport -- but this week, we're going to visit the Denver Art Museum through the artistic filters of Instagram users.

Instagram user Locoliinda

Instagram user Tannercole

More DAM-through-Instagram images are on the next page.

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Denver Art Museum

100 W. 14th Ave. Parkway, Denver, CO

Category: General

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