Five great marijuana moments in standup comedy

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While many comedians themselves may prefer a stiff drink, marijuana has, for some time, been the drug of choice for comedy audiences. From Lenny Bruce's satirical pamphlet on the dangers of the herb, to sketch comedians like Cheech & Chong and Dave Chappelle building whole careers around it, entertainers have been writing bits that highlight getting high for as long as their audiences have felt a personal glee at hearing them. This week, Denver's own Comedy Works will be playing host to The Marijuana-Logues, a troupe of deadpan comedians speaking earnestly (and hilariously) about the herb they love so dearly. And in honor of their visit to one of the highest cities in the U.S., we present to you our ranking of the top five marijuana moments in standup comedy.

5.) Dave Chappelle

In this sketch, Chappelle adroitly and hilariously points out how oblivious white pot smokers can be around cops, while black pot smokers must take extra precaution. It was takes like these that propelled Chappelle's Show to become the best-selling DVD of a television show of all time. Some of Chappelle's fans appreciated his wit and social commentary, while others berated him with "Do Rick James, bitch!" demands from the audience, until he suffered a breakdown in 2004, fleeing to Africa and abandoning season 3 of the Chappelle's Show.

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