Guess where I'm biking near a hospital and win a Denver B-cycle season pass

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Can you guess where I'm biking?
Bike accidents are a scary -- and seemingly unavoidable -- occurrence if you ride on a regular basis. With the copious amount of bike shops around Denver, not to mention the big box sports stores, there is almost no reason to ride without a helmet to at least prevent major brain trauma, should you find yourself barreling toward the ground. Bottom line: Wear a helmet and ride safe.

If you can guess the cross streets of where you'll probably end up -- should you avoid wearing a helmet -- then you can also win a season pass to Denver B-cycle.

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Can you guess where I'm biking? Leave a comment below (be as specific as possible.)

The winner receives a Denver B-cycle 2012 season pass -- a $80 value -- for free!

Just leave your best guess in the comments section and make sure you include an e-mail (whether in your Disqus profile or in the comment itself) so we can contact you if you're the winner.

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Denver Health Medical between Delaware and Bannock, also between 6th and 8th, right near Speer!


0.151515 furlongs west of Speer/8th.  1.212121 rods away from the street. Looking at  Denver Health Medical Center. 


across from denver health on speer and 8th (also bannock intersects) 


North Sidewalk of 8th Avenue across Speer on NW side of intersection about 20 feet past intersection.

Lori Ventola
Lori Ventola

You're at the park across from Denver Health Medical Center, at 8th and Bannock, and apparently you're down on the ground looking through the spokes of your bike wheel!  Don't know which wheel, though...

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