Jewelry designer Pamela Love on mysticism as inspiration and her dream client, Neil Young

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Looking through the Pamela Love blog, there are a lot of references to musicians -- Nü Sensae, Wipers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Does music inspire the work you create?

Music is definitely an inspiration for me. I don't know if it's as much an inspiration on my collection as it is on my overall life and aesthetic. But it's definitely a big part of my life. There is a feeling to my collection that is a little bit rock n' roll; I look a lot to musicians from other times, their style, their aesthetic and how they would layer lots of jewelry with a bohemian feeling.

It's the culture of the brand; we love to post things that are interesting to us and then, in turn, things that are interesting to my customer. I think my brand, even though right now it is just jewelry, is sort of a lifestyle brand in a way? I think a lot of those bands play into that. Nü Sensae are good friends of mine, and they wear my jewelry. Musicians are my biggest supporters, which is really great.

If there could be any musician, alive or dead, who you could see wearing your jewelry, who would it be?

I always say Neil Young -- because he is my favorite person in the entire world. I don't even know if he wears jewelry. (Laughs.) He's been a huge influence on my work and my life; someone who's story, and music and aesthetic has been such a huge part of my world and me as a person since I was a little kid.

One last, personal question: I saw a photograph of you recently, and you had Calvin (from the Calvin and Hobbes comic) tattooed on your arm. What's that about?

That's not real! I can't believe that the photographer didn't take that out -- I went to a party the night before that photo shoot, and a gift was all of these fake tattoos. I said 'please take this out,' and the photographer said they would. Then they didn't.

I have interesting tattoos, and that is not one of them. (Laughs.) I have a tattoo that says 'dad' on my wrist that is really important to me -- my father passed away in my early twenties, and that's really symbolic to me. Then, I have my husband's (illustrator Matthew Nelson) name on my ribcage, which I got way before we even knew we were going to get married. It was a real leap of faith. He actually got my name tattooed on his arm a couple of days after he met me -- and we both were in other relationships. (Laughs.) That's how insane we were about each other. He crossed out another person's name.

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