Make Music Denver clangs through downtown

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Everyone was welcome to bang a drum in the community jam, one of many "Mass Appeal" events that encouraged the public to make some noise. The drums were provided by Pick Up America, a Maryland-based non-profit that makes musical instruments from roadside trash.

Tourists who hit downtown yesterday will leave the Mile High City with a slightly exaggerated impression of the role music plays in the workaday lives of Denverites. During the first-ever Make Music Denver -- an all-day, outdoor showcase of local music that builds on a global movement to celebrate music as a public art at least one day each year -- the 16th Street Mall was recast as an artist friendly thoroughfare with more than 21 pop-up venues scattered from tip to tail.

For business folk, mallrats and other locals, Make Music Denver created a soundtrack to the daily trudge -- a not-unpleasant cacophony of rhythms, beats and echoes that added to the everyday clamor of shuttles, RTD buses, busking, spare-changing and power-lunching that typify a summer day in the city.

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High-school band I'm on Fire take it to the streets during Make Music Denver, performing on the median at Curtis and Champa.

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16th Street Mall

1001 16th St., Denver, CO

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