Shanna Katz's top five tips on how to become an oral-sex rock star (NSFW)

Shanna Katz.
Who should learn -- or re-learn -- how to give their lovers the best oral sex possible?


Local sex educator Shanna Katz has a new book out this week, Oral Sex That'll Blow Her Mind: An Illustrated Guide to Giving Her Amazing Orgasms. Her inspiration for this guide was simple: She wanted to give more than lip service to cunnilingus, rather than write another book on how to smoke a pole.

"There are significantly more books available on how to give blow jobs than there are about how to eat out a vulva, and that to me is just sad," she says. "Lots of people absolutely love giving their partner cunnilingus, and would love to learn more about it."

Katz offers her five very best pieces of advice on how to perform oral sex on a woman:

5. Get wet 'n wild!
"Lubrication makes all touch feel better, both outside on the lips, clitoris, and hood and inside the vagina, whether you're using fingers, tongues, or toys. It helps reduce friction, and any testing of your own will probably demonstrate that vulvas prefer slippery, slidy sensations to those that produce friction and drag. Lube can help transmit sensations better and can also reduce the amount of work to be done by the person performing oral sex and manual stimulation. Also, if you're using fingers or toys in the vagina, using lube will help prevent or reduce soreness, as well as prevent tearing of the delicate vaginal tissue. Anyway you look at it, lube is pretty amazing."

4. This is not a hands-free experience.
"While you're using your oh-so-talented tongue to provide amazing oral action all around and up and down the vulva, it's more than just OK to also use your hands as tools of's likely that at some point during cunnilingus, you'll have an extra free hand or even two. Let's put them to good use!"

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