Photos: More merriment from last week's Make Music Denver

Natalie Gonzalez
Whirl of Woodwinds in Skyline Park.

The 16th Street Mall was buzzing with music last week as artists of all shapes and sizes filled the air with their collective auditory gifts for Make Music Denver. This was the first time that Denver participated in World Music Day; it joined 450 other cities thanks to the efforts of the Downtown Denver Partnership.

Natalie Gonzalez
An electric-blue violin leads Rocky Mountain Orchestra.
Throughout the day, collaboration and cooperation drove the music to a new level of unified sound. Starting at 10 a.m. with the Whirl of Woodwinds and Horde of Horns, Skyline Park rang with the collective voices of gathered instruments. Make Music Denver encouraged all levels to join the jam sessions, gave the musicians sheet music and basked in the magnificence of creative expression. A family of ukelele players joined the woodwinds bright and early, adding another layer to their rendition of the theme song, "Make Music Denver," created by Mike Maurer, Matt Need and Kate LeRoux. The chorus - "Make music Denver - make a happy sound / Make music Denver -- and spread it all around" -- and other lyrics express the cooperative and all-encompassing theme of the event as well as Denver's own flavor.
Natalie Gonzalez
The Whirl of Whirlwinds gets settled before filling Skyline Park with breathy melodies.

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16th Street Mall

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