Reader: Don't diss three-year-olds by comparing their efforts to abstract art

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Karen Scharer, whose work is currently showing at Space Gallery, took some time to explain the finer aspects of abstract art to Tiffany Fitzgerald last week.

But some readers don't appreciate her explanation -- or her art, particularly "February Wetlands," shown above.

Says someartsychick:

Actually my 5 year old has done better than the orange and grey mess you painted. Frankly, so have I. February Wetlands. Summer Break. Sky Pool. ALL remind me of a texture. It's like the start of a painting that never got finished. A bottom layer. Even for an abstract it's boring. Like a shitty generic abstract that you would find in the clearance bin at Ross. Or the dollar tree. Also, half the fun of an abstract is seeing where it takes the viewer imagination, but you look down on someone for seeing an elephant in your scribbles. In fact you seem to look down on your audience in general. I don't blame you. I'd probably resent all the snickers too considering your art sucks. But for you, art is about fun i suppose so keep up the mediocrity and claim it as your style. Which isn't even original. This is definitely not the first creme brulee. There is nothing here I haven't seen before. Why don't you try taking abstract to a NEW or different level from the masters who have done it before you rather than pump out the same thing, and claim that you are SO original and SO misunderstood. For the record, i love abstract when it truly is original, and thought out and beautiful, so my comments are not to put down abstracts. Just yours, and your attitude. And don't diss the three year olds. They have more imagination than you.

Is it okay to diss three-year-olds but not abstract artists? Post your thoughts below. Read more about Karen Scharer's work here.

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Frankly, I don't understand the animosity displayed by "someartsychick." Saying that a three-year-old couldn't paint what this artist has done is not "dissing." Art is subjective – you're not always going to like what I like, and vice versa. I happen to think Karen Scharer's paintings are beautiful, showing a mastery of color and composition. You don't agree, fine. Why couldn't you give an honest critique without devolving into a ranting, childish personal attack? Scharer has put herself out there, sharing her work with the public and doing an admirable job of explaining why abstract art is difficult for some people to "get." If your work is better, "someartsychick," well then, let's see it so we can decide for ourselves and hopefully critique it in a more instructive way than you seem to be capable of. You wouldn't say these things to her in person, but you hide under cover of anonymity to act out some personal issue. You need to get a grip and deal with your anger.

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